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Bulgarian Ethnology is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum.

Our journal provides a forum for professional discussion on current historical and contemporary topics and for presentation of new approaches in the broad field of ethnology, anthropology, folklore studies, theory and history of culture, and museology. The editorial board encourages constructive dialogue based on pluralism of opinions and methods.

The processes of globalization and the search for diverse perspectives and a comparative analysis of the everyday life of groups and communities that reside in different historical, socio-economic and political conditions broaden the geographic scope of the ethnological research across the Bulgarian boundaries, beyond the Balkans, and even beyond Europe. In the presentation of the thematic areas, the ethnological concept is understood broadly as a scientific way of studying the rituals and symbolic actions, the discursive practices and everyday experiences, the specific (self)-representations and conceptions of identity, and the customs of historical and contemporary communities and individuals, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, and age affiliation.

The editorial board continues the good practice of publishing special issues on significant scientific topics. We invite prominent Bulgarian and foreign researchers to compile the issues. Articles outside the focus of the thematic issues are also published in the journal. They take place either in separate combined issues or under the journal’s headings ‘Researches’ and ‘Materials’.

The journal offers information about various academic events. We publish book reviews, reports on exhibitions, conferences, congresses and other forums that are related to the wide interdisciplinary scope of the journal.

Our goal is to win recognition as a platform for meeting between researchers, lecturers and museum collaborators that are engaged in the study of human communities and their representation.

Selected articles from the journal are published in English in ETHNOLOGIA BULGARICA. Yearbook of Bulgarian Ethnology and Folklore Studies.

Dear colleagues from IEFSEM – BAS, colleagues from different academic and museum institutions in the country, colleagues from abroad – you are kindly invited to contribute to the Journal of Bulgarian Ethnology!

From the Editorial Board