Welcome to Bulgarian Ethnology


Bulgarian Ethnology is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is a leading Bulgarian journal in the field of ethnology, anthropology and museology for already more than four decades. Bulgarian Ethnology brings together ethnologists from institutes and universities, from museums and other research and cultural centres. It provides a platform for authors and readers, for researchers and promoters of culture and social life, for Bulgarians in the country and in the diaspora and for other ethnic and religious groups living on the territory of Bulgaria.

In the focus are discussions, various approaches and methods, and contemporary views on the content, scope and development of ethnological and anthropological studies. Welcomed are theoretical as well as concrete investigations, written by already established or still young scholars in the beginning of their career.

The ambition is to continue the good practice of thematic issues on significant topics compiled by prominent scholars from Bulgaria and abroad.

Colleagues are invited to contribute with their experience, ideas and studies, with their reviews and materials. Their cooperation will help to maintain the significance and the prestige of the journal for the science in Bulgaria, as well as for the public and the cultural life in the country.

English version of selected articles is published in the journal ETHNOLOGIA BULGARICA. Yearbook of Bulgarian Ethnology and Folklore Studies.