Call for papers for thematic issue on MIGRATION FROM THE CITY TO THE VILLAGE

The migratory movements are an integral part of the global and local processes of social and cultural transformation in the past as well as in the present. They affect every sphere of everyday life – family and social structure, economy, policy, communication etc. Researchers face significant scientific problems and new challenges caused by the typical ethnocultural, socioeconomic, geoecological and managerial factors. In the field of migrations, one of the main problems which do not lose their relevance is the internal movements.

In the 1970s, in the USA a new phenomenon was observed – a pronounced migration of the population from the big urban centres to more remote small towns and villages. Almost at the same time, the same tendency appeared also in Western Europe. Although these movements subsided in the 1980s, today they subsist even if on a smaller scale. In contrast to the Western countries where the process of returning to the villages is well-known, in the countries of Eastern Europe (including Bulgaria) it just becomes apparent. In the last decade, in Bulgaria, as a result of the more tangible changes in the perceptions of nature and land and of the increasing aspiration for more tranquil and eco-oriented way of life in chime with the environment and opposing the urbanization and the urban noise and pollution, among different generations of urban population (in active, pre-retirement and retirement age) a new change in the attitudes towards life in the village appeared.

This thematic issue of “Bulgarian Ethnology” aims at attracting researchers engaged precisely in contemporary city–village migration, the motives and specifics of these movements, the processes of adaptation and transformation of the migrants, their sociocultural interaction with the local rural population and other newcomers as well as their connection to the city on an everyday level.

Issue Editors:                                                           Desislava Pileva

                                                                                 Violeta Periklieva

Deadline for abstracts (up to 300 words):                December 31, 2020

Deadline for submission of articles:                         June 1, 2021


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Call for papers for thematic issue on DISASTERS

Since the mid-20th century, cultural anthropologists, first in the United States and after that in a number of European and non-European countries, began to work hard on the question how disasters and their consequences influenced the social structure, the culture, behaviour and everyday life of the communities affected. The research interest was attracted by various types of crises (natural, ecological, technological, epidemiological etc.). Many scholars share the opinion that the more attention is paid to the specifics of the national context, the political and economic conditions, the ethnical, religious and cultural characteristics of the population affected the more successful is the attempt to cope with the consequences of the disaster.

This thematic issue of “Bulgarian Ethnology” aims at gathering original interdisciplinary researches dedicated to various types of disasters in historical and contemporary aspect, diachronically and synchronically analysed. The issue will contribute to the understanding of the complex socio-cultural processes caused by the disastrous events that change the life of the communities affected.


Issue Editors:                                                            Stamen Kanev, Mila Maeva

Deadline for abstracts (up to 300 words):                 June 30, 2020

Deadline for submission of articles:                          October 31, 2020


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