Issue 3 / 2019. Clothes and Times. Issue editor: Miglena Ivanova

Miglena Ivanova – From the Issue Editor.

Margaret Dimitrova – Archival Document Containing Descriptions of Traditional Costumes in Tran Region in 1888

Iva Stanoeva – Types of Folk Costumes from the Region of Sofia Found in an Archival Document from 1889. 1. Samokov and Sofia Districts. 

Delyan Rusev – Ethnicity and Demographics in North-eastern Bulgaria through the Lens

of the Provincial Administration at the End of the Nineteenth Century. 

Miglena Ivanova – Between Specifics, Stereotype and “Adoption” of the Clothes of the Other. 

Yana Yancheva – Growing Fibrous Hemp and Production of Hemp Fibres in the 1950s.

By the Example of the Village of Mezdreya, Montana Region. 


Iva Kyurkchieva – From Idea to Implementation – An Exhibition about People and Laces. 


Elka Mincheva – The Sacral Magic of Lace Knitting. „Who Makes and Uses Lace“ Exhibition, National Ethnographic Museum, February 7 – 20 May 2019.


Valentina Sharlanova – Franco Cardini. „Islam is a Threat! False!” Sofia, 2018. 

Albena Georgieva – Éva Póch (Ed.). The Magical and Sacred Medical World. Newcastle upon Tyne, 2019. 


Elka Mincheva – International Conference “Pastoralism: Traditions and Modernity. Anthropological, Ecological and Social Aspects” – IEFSEM, February 25 – 26, 2019. 


Mirella Decheva (1958 – 2019).


 Editor: Albena Georgieva

Table of contents:

Rachko Popov – Bulgarian Ethnology in the Transition Period.

Ilia Iliev – Western Anthropologists and Balkan Ethnographers: Notes from the Periphery.

Nikolay Nenov – Local Communities and the Social Involvement of the Ethnographic Museums.

Nadezhda Marinchevska – National Character and Folklore in the Distorting Mirror of Bulgarian Animated Cinema.

Rossitza Guentcheva – Bulgarian Mosaic.

Evgenia Troeva – The Capital of the Past: St. Athanasius Monastery (Zlatna Livada Village, Chirpan Region) between Myth and History.

Ivaylo Markov – The Transformation of a Religious Site. The Rock Church of St. Petka in the Town of Tran: between the Religious Cult and the Tourist Attraction.

Iva Kyurkchieva – Amateur Football – Identity and Memory.

Kremena Iordanova – “Don’t Underestimate the Girls... Some of them are More Genuine Ultras than You”.

Vanya Zhekova – “What is Fatmagül’s Guilt?” Ethnology at the End of the Workday.


Ivaylo Markov – Ethnographic Problems of Traditional Culture. Vol. 9. Ed. Anatol Anchev. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2012.

Elka Bakalova – Albena Georgieva. Folklore Dimensions of Christianity. Oral Narratives and Local Religiosity in the Regions of Bachkovo Monastery Dormition of the Holy Mother of God and Hadzhidimovo Monastery St. George. Sofia: Prosveta, 2012. 

Anelia Kassabova – Ethnographic Problems of Folk Culture. vol. 10. Ed. A. Anchev. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2013.

Evgenia Troeva – Vihra Baeva. Miracle Stories. Local Tradition and Personal Experience. Second revised and updated edition. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2013.

Ivaylo Markov – Anna Krasteva. From Migration to Mobility: Policies and Routes. Sofia: New Bulgarian University Publishing House, 2014. 

Elya Tsaneva – Dzheni Madzharov. Function and Semantics of the Ritual Gesture in Hungarian Culture. Sofia: Gutenberg, 2014.

Nikolay Vukov – Dobrinka Parusheva, Lina Gergova (eds.). The Ritual Year 8. Migrations. The Yearbook of the SIEF Working Group on the Ritual Year. Sofia: Paradigma, 2014. 

Anelia Kassabova – Mariyana Piskova. ‘The Heroes of Shipka’. An Archival Reading of a Film on the Russian-Turkish War (1877–1878) from the Time of the Cold War. Blagoevgrad: ‘Neofit Rilski’ University Press, 2015.

Rachko Popov – Svetoslava Toncheva. Through the New Spirituality of the Twentieth Century (Anthroposophy, White Brotherhood, Unified Teaching). Sofia: Paradigma, 2015.