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Issue 3 / 2017 - TRANSITIONS AND DIALOGUESTABLE OF CONTENTS / Issue Editor: Anelia Kassabova

Issue 2 / 2017 - The Road 2 / Issue Editor: Ekaterina Anastasova

Table of contents

Еkaterina Anastasova – From the Editor. The Road – Direction, Aim, Dream


Malinka Stamatova – The Road of the iraculous Cross of St. John Vladimir to the Rumija ountains and the Town of Bar (ontenegro) 
Svetoslava Toncheva – On the Roads to Buddha – Dissemination and Specifics of Buddhism in Bulgaria


Elena Marushiakova, Veselin Popov – Roads to Nowhere: European Policies for Social Inclusion of Roma
Plamena Stoyanova – The Gypsies and the deportation of the “Bulgarian Turks” (19481989)

Yelis Erolova – Between Written and Oral History: the igration of the Turks from
Bulgaria to Turkey from 1950 to 1951


Ekaterina Anastasova – Identity and Migration 2. The American Case


Daniela Koleva – Yana Yancheva. Collectivization in the Bulgarian Village (19481970). Collective emory and Everyday Culture. Sofia, 2015
Stanoy Stanoev – Contextualizing Changes: igrations, Shifting Borders and New Identities in Eastern Europe. Edited by Petko Hristov, Anelia Kasabova, Evgenia Troeva, Dagnoslav Demski. Sofia, 2015
Elya Tsaneva – Temenuga Varbanova. Bulgarian Ethnography in the Period of 1878 1944. Representatives, Achievements, Problems. Veliko Tarnovo, 2017

Lina Gerova – International Scientific Conference “Cultural Heritage in Migration”, June 1516, 2017, IEFSEM - BAS

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Issue 1 / 2017 - The Road 1 / Issue Editor: Ekaterina Anastasova

Table of contents

Ekaterina Anastasova – From the Editor. About the Road – Ethnology between the State, the Society and the Man

Rachko Popov – The Road – a Preferable Place for Magical Activities

Nikolay Sivkov –The Milky Way in the Cosmic and Ritual Space

Sofiya Zahova – The Road of the Roma Literature in Eastern Europe

Dimitrinka Demirova – The Hard Way: Roma Organizations in Shumen (1944-1990).

Ekaterina Anastasova – Identity and Migration 1. The Estonian Case

Mila Maeva – The Road to the North and the Finding of Home


Evgenia Troeva – Ivaylo Markov. Migrations and Socio-cultural Dynamics. The Albanians from the Republic of Macedonia. Sofia, 2015

Elya Tsaneva – Ethnographic Problems of Popular Culture. Vol. 11. Sofia, 2016

Rachko Popov – Magda Lyuncheva-Milcheva. On the Track of the Sun and the Moon. Traditional Calendar Festivals of the Christians and Muslims in the Haskovo Region. Stara Zagora, 2016

Ján Botík – Bořivoj Kňourek, Lenka J. Budilová. The Voivode House – Historical and Constructional Development, Cultural and Social Parameters. Brno: CDK, 2015

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Issue 4 / 2016 - The Bulgarians in Bessarabia and Tavria / Issue Editor: Petko Hristov

Table of contents 

Petko Hristov – The Bulgarian Communities in Ukraine in the Beginning of the New Millennium – the Changing Perspectives

Svetlana Koch – Strategies of Identification of the Bulgarians in Ukraine

Zhenia Pimpireva – The Family in the Life Stories of the Bessarabian Bulgarians

Galin Georgiev, Elena Vodinchar – The Fairs at the Landmark. Intervillage Patronal Festivals of the Bulgarian Immigrants in Bessarabia – Observations and Hypotheses

Alexandr Prigarin – “The Balkan Accents” of the Odessa Central Market (“Privoz”): to the Problem of the Ethnic Components in the Urban Cuisine 

Blagovesta Ivanova – Painters and Photographers of the 19th century in Search and
Presentation of the Bulgarian National Identity in Russia


Maria Pacheva, Sergey Pachev – Migration as a Means of Surviving of the Tavrian Bulgarians during the Famine of 1946­1947

Mila Santova – Bulgarians in Slovenia. Primary Observations on the Bulgarian Diaspora in Slovenia


Aleksandar Kovalov – The Calendar Rituals of the Bessarabian Bulgarians in the Sources and the Academic Literature


Valentina Sharlanova – Tsvetan Todorov (1939–2017) – the Apostle of Humanism, the Visionary of Freedom


Petko Hristov – Days of Cultural Heritage at IEFSEM­-BAS – 2016

Elena Vodinchar – “Ethnographic Etudes. Dedicated to Dimitar Marinov!”

Anita Komitska – Exhibition “Dr. Evdokia Peteva­ Filova – Back in the Palace”

Iglika Mishkova – Exhibition “Ex­Votos” at IEFSEM­-BAS


Bozhidar Aleksiev – Bernard Lory or on the Art of Creating Sources

Elena Vodinchar – Budzhak: Historical and Ethnographic Essays on the Peoples from the Southwestern Regions of the Odessa Province. Odessa, 2014

Valentina Vaseva – A. Luleva, Iv. Petrova (Eds.). Studies of Cultural Memory, Cultural Heritage and Identities. Sofia, 2015

Albena Georgieva – Petar Shukerov, Ivan Patev, Dimitar Mihaylov. The Earth Looks at the Sky. People and Christian Orthodox Shrines in the Central Rhodope Mountains. Sofia, 2015

Valentina Sharlanova, Petia Bankova – Brunnbauer, Ulf. Globalizing Southeastern Europe. Emigrants, America, and the State since the Late Nineteenth Century. New York, 2016.

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Issue 3 / 2016 - Gift, Offering, Donation / Issue Editor: Elya Tsaneva

Table of contents

Elya Tsaneva – Foreword 

Galin Georgiev – The Paradigm of the Gift: a View to the Scientific Concepts, Trends and Schools in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology 

Petia Bankova – The Value of the Gift or the Price of the Present 

Su Faxiang, Wang Yuewei (China) – Sacrifice, Gift and Prayer: A Sacrificial Ritual of Offering to Mountain God in an Amdo Tibetan Tribe

Maxim Mikhalev (Russia) – On the “Urban Shamanism” and the New Purpose of the Shamanic Gifts in the Consumer Society

Tania Boneva – Gifts and Hospitality 

Milena Marinova – The Offering in the Weddings in Bulgaria from the Mid-20th Century to the Early 21st Century 

Nguyen Thi Phuong Tram (Vietnam) – The Areca Nut as a Gift and Object of Sacrifice

Anni Kirilova – The Donations to the Scientific Archive of IEFSEM 


Valentina Sharlanova – Two New Orthodox Christian Churches in Sofia. Is Donation Alive Today?

Elena Bugarcheva – The Work of the Archivist on the Processing of Valuable Archival onations (Stock 2072 „Hristo Vakarelski“ of the Central State Archive) 

Tania Mareva – Gifts from the Generations (Contemporary Aspects of the Public Donation in the Villages of Momchilovtsi and Levochevo, Smolyan Region) 


Petar Kardzhilov – The Exhibition „Aprons and Nature“ – Culture and Nature for Green Economy 
Hristina Grozdanova – „The Gift”: Exhibition of the Regional History Museum – Sofia 


Valentina Sharlanova – Iliya Troyanov, Ranjit Hoskote. The Flowing Down. The Road to All Cultures. Siela, 2011

Galin Georgiev – Between Past and Present. Culture of the South Karnobat Villages in the Early 21st Century. Ed. G. Georgiev. Burgas: 2015

Ventsislav Bozhinov – Lilyana Kovacheva. „INNERMOST WORLD. Festive-Ritual System of the Roma People in Central Western Bulgaria“. Sofia: Prosveta, 2015

Evgenia Troeva – Elya Tzaneva. Ethnosymbolism and the Dynamics of Identity. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2015

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Issue 2 / 2016 - Ethnologia Urbana / Issue Editors: Nikolay Nenov, Nikolay Vukov

Table of contents

Nikolay Nenov – Regarding the research fields of Ethnologia Urbana 

Maria Markova – From the Life of the Bulgarian Community in Komotini. Boundaries and Identities (From the Late XIXth Century until 1912) 

Iskra TodorovaFeasts and Celebration in the Town of Samokov in the Socialist Period
in the Memory of Contemporaries

Zlatina Bogdanova – “Kalinitsa” in the Town of Asenovgrad as an Example of Construction of Modern Urban Festival 

Lina Gergova, Yana Gergova – The Tobacco City: the Discourse on the Industrial Heritage 

Dilyana Ivanova – “Chicago – the Bulgarian City”: a View from the Outside and the Inside 

Gregoris Ioannou – Genealogies of activism and the semiotics of urban space: cultural and social practices in 21st Century Inner Nicosia 


Valentina Sharlanova – Two Holy Places in the Residential Quarter of Mladost in the city of Sofia 


Daniela Koleva – Nikolay Nenov /Ed./, Beta Haralanova, Tatyana Shtereva. Anguish and Salvation. The Memory of the Jewish Communities in Rousse, Shumen and Varna. Rouse, 2015

Ivanka Petrova – Elena Petkova. The Everyday Life of the Bulgarian Muslim Women in the Central Rhodope Mountains. Sofia, 2015

Elya Tzaneva – The Anthropological Field on the Margins of Europe, 1945–1991. Ed. by A. Bošković and Ch.Hann


Valentina Sharlanova – Round Table in Honour of the 80th Anniversary of Assoc. Prof. Ganka Mihaylova, Ph.D.

Valentin Voskresenski - International scholarly conference „Heroic Art and Socialist Realism. Memory and Representation of the Socialist Past in Bulgaria“

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Issue 1 / 2016 - Culture of Protest / Issue Editors: Daniela Koleva, Mila Maeva

 Table of contents 

Table of contents 

Mila Maeva – Foreword

Irina Sedakova – Protest Car-Rallies in Moscow in 2012: Movement, Visualization and Language

Zornitsa Draganova – “The Gezi Spirit“: Narrative Fragments and Modes of Articulation. Ethnography of Post-Protest (Istanbul 2013–2015)

Ivaylo Dinev – The Pendulum of the Mass Protest. The Winter of 2013

Mike Hajimichael – The Police Raid on ‘Occupy’ in Cyprus: an autoethnographic account of ‘For 1 Gramme’

Valentina Gueorgieva – The System, the Democracy, the State: Three Related Notions in Expressing Discontent

Milena Katsarska – #Theprotest: Anthologization, Branding and Institutionalization of the Protest


Petar Kardzhilov – The Earliest Film Shows in Sofia (1896–1900). The Informa¬tion about Them in the Periodicals – Evidence of Life in the Capital in the Late 19th Century


Svetoslava Toncheva – Nepal: the Journey of my Life


Eli Todorova – Third Scientific Conference “Debates in Museology“: “Museum beyond Nation?“ (September 24–25, 2015)


Mila Maeva – Veneta Yankova. The Bulgarians in Hungary: Cultural Memory and Heritage. Budapest, 2014

Dobrinka Parusheva – Gueorguieva, Petia, Anna Krasteva (dir.). La rue et l’e-rue. Nouvelles contestations citoyennes. Paris:L’Harmattan, 2015


Petko Hristov – International Conference of the SIEF (Société Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore) Ritual Year Working Group

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Editor: Albena Georgieva
Language Editors: Albena Georgieva, Nikolai Vukov and Rebecca Seifried
Translators: Nina Panova and Mina Hristova

Table of contents 

Anelia Kassabova - Topics and Methods in Ethnology. (Self)Critical Analysis

Ivaylo Markov  Migration and Cfllective Forms of Support of the Birthplaces at the Case of Alldnidns from Macedonia

Ana Luleva  Informality, Gender, Tourism. The Case of Borovets Resort

Evgenia Troeva – Signs of Religious Affiliation and their Usage

Iva Kyurkchieva, Maya Kosseva - Clothing between Secular and Religious: Policies and Identity

Vihra Barova - In the ‘Family’ of the Different Others. (SubcultureIdentities: Styles, Ideologies, Prejudices)

Nikolay Vukov - Kinship and New Reproductive Technologies. Examples from Bulgaria


Evgenia Troeva - M. Gruev, V. Tepavicharov, P. Vassileva-Grueva, V. Kotzeva-Popova, M. Kostadinova (Eds.). Nasilie, politika i pamet.Komunisticheskiyatrezhim v PirinskaMakedonia – refleksiinasavremennika i izsledovatelia.Violence, Politics and Memory. The Communist Regime in Pirin Macedonia – the Reflections of the Contemporary and the Researcher. Sofia: “St. Kliment Ohridski” University Press, 2011.

Galina Lozanova - Markova, M. Food and Nutrition: between Nature and Culture. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2011.

Rachko Popov - A “Bulgarian Connection” in the Anthropological Research on the Catastrophes: Disasters and Cultural Stereotypes. Ed. by ElyaTzaneva with Fang Sumei and Edwin Schmitt. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2012.

Valentina Vaseva - Zhenya Pimpireva (Ed.) Besarabskitebalgari v postsavetskoto prostranstvo.Kultura, politika, identichnost [The Bessarabian Bulgarians in the Post-Soviet Space. Culture, Politics, Identity]. Sofia: LogisPublishing House, 2012.

Ivanka Petrova - Ana Luleva, Evgenia Troeva-Grigorova, Petar Petrov. The Forced Labor in Bulgaria (1941-1962). Memories of Witnesses.Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, IEFSEM, 2012.

Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva - Petko Hristov (Ed.) Migration and Identity. Historical, Cultural and Linguistic Dimensions of Mobility in the Balkans. Sofia: Paradigma, 2012.

Albena Georgieva - Vihra Baeva. The Thread of Life.Between the Fertility Belt and the Holy Girdle of the Virgin. Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2012.

Mila Maeva - Sofia Zahova. Cherna Gora sled Yugoslavia: Dinamiki na identichnostite [Montenegro after Yugoslavia: Dynamics of Identities]. Sofia: Paradigma, 2013.

Authors of the issue

Issue 4 / 2015 - Beyond the Borders. 100 Years of Bulgarian Feature and Animated Cinema / Issue Editor: Anelia Kassabova

Table of contents

Anelia Kassabova – Foreword

Karl Kaser – Cinema in Pre-Industrial Societies: The Balkans in the Interwar Period

Petar Kardzhilov – Cinema in Bulgaria. The Beginning (1896–1898)

Anelia Kassabova – On the Tracks of a Movie. “Man, Don’t Get Angry“ – One Forgotten and Forbidden (?) Bulgarian Film

Evdokia Borisova – The Bulgarian Comedy Film “Mission London“. Mission (Im)Possible?

Nadezhda Marinchevska – The National Character and the Folklore in the Distorting Mirror of the Bulgarian Animated Cinema


Milena Marinova – Mara Noninska-Miyateva – the First Bulgarian Film Actress


Ivanka Petrova, Ana Luleva – Successful Realization of Project “Stimulating Development of Academic Potential in the Studies of Cultural Memory, Cultural Heritage and Identity“ at IEFSEM


Petar Kardzhilov – ArtExtreme 15 – Visual Art, Transdisciplinarity , Interactivity and Art-Therapy of Full Value


Elya Tzaneva – Dzheni Madzharov. Function and Semantics of Ritual Gesture in the Hungarian Culture. Sofia, Gutenberg Publishing House, 2014

Anelia Kassabova – Piskova, Mariana. “Heroes of Shipka“. Archival Reading of a Movie about the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) from the Time of the Cold War. Blagoevgrad, University Publishing House “Neofit Rilski“, 2015

Rachko Popov – Svetoslava Toncheva. On the New Spirituality of the 20th Century (Anthroposophy, White Brotherhood, Uniform Doctrine). Sofia, Paradigma Publishing House, 2015


Milena Marinova – National Scientific Conference “The Region of the Balkan Mountains in the History of the Bulgarian Lands and the Development of Cultural Tourism

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Issue 3 / 2015 - Nations and Nationalism / Issue Editor: Elya Tzaneva


 Table of contents

 Elya Tzaneva – Foreword 

Nonka Bogomilova – The Debate on Nationalism: Contemporary Theoretical approaches

Maria Todorova – Is there weak nationalism and is it a useful category? 

Elya Tzaneva – Is Ethnosymbolism Workable in Constructive Perspective? (An Attempt for an Answer Based on the Dynamics of the Bulgarian Territorial Identity)

Chris Hann – The Vast Garden of Anthropology and Its Endlessly Fertile Plots

Iliya Iliev – Anthropologists and Ethnographers: Notes from the Periphery

Krasimira Daskalova – The Gender of the Nation-State: Some Balkan Parallels

Tzvetana Manova – National (In)security on Richter Scale – How Much? (Ethnological Aspects of a Local Disaster) 


Valentina Sharlanova Music as Means of Integration of Young People of Immigrant Origin into Host Society (A View on the European Academic Discourse) 


Svetla Kazalarska – The National Ethnographic Museum – Mission Possible! But What is the Mission? 


Nikolay Vukov – Pаrusheva, D., L. Gergova (Eds.) The Ritual Year 8. Migrations. The Yearbook of the SIEF Working Group on the Ritual. Sofia: Paradigma, 2014 


Violeta Periklieva – International Scientific Conference “Contextualizing Changes: Migrations, Shifting Borders and New Identities in Eastern Europe”, October 8–10, 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria 

Veselka Toncheva – Unity and Diversity in the Weddings from the Balkans at the Festival in Etara

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Issue 2 / 2015 - Roads - Journeys - Travellers / Issue Editor: Anelia Kassabova

Issue 1 / 2015 - Holy Places and Identity / Issue Editor: Albena Georgieva

Issue 4 / 2014 - 40 years of journal "Bulgarian ethnology" / Issue editors: Elya Tsaneva and Nikolay Nenov

Table of contents

Issue 3 / 2014 - Images of War. War in Images / Issue editor: Anelia Kasabova

Issue 2 / 2014 - The Balkans – (Self-)Representation in Images / Issue editor: Anelia Kassabova

Issue 1 / 2014 - Ethnology of football / Issue editor: Iva Kyurkchieva


Ivaylo Markov – Ethnographic problems of Traditional Culture. Vol. 9, Sofia, 2012 . .

Elena Vodinchar – Elizaveta Kvilinkova. Charm, magic and amulets in Gagauz folk medicine. Kishinev, 2012

Evgeniya Troeva – Vihra Baeva. Stories of Miracles. Local tradition and personal experience. Sofia, 2013


Magdalena Slavkova – International Conference “Polyphony vs. Cacophony: Ethnic and Confessional Diversity of the Population in Odessa Region in the Context of Regional Democracy”, 12-14 of September 2013, Odessa, Ukraine. Scientific Journal „Постфактум: iсторико-антропологiчнi студii/Postfactum: Historical and Anthropo­logical Studies“, (№1-4, 2013)

Ivanka Petrova, Petar Petrov – Scientific Conference “Study of Cultural Heritage – state, results, perspectives”

Mariyanka Borisova – Scientific Conference “The Leaders of the Masquerade”, 24 of January 2014, Pernik

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Issue 4 / 2013 - Kinship and Institutions / Issue еditor: Nikolay Vukov

 Table of contents

 Nikolay Vukov Foreword 

Nikolay Vukov Kinship and new reproducte technologies. On examples from Bulgaria

Elya Tsanеva “The foster care” in Bulgaria – from duty, through the cause to the profession (Observation on the practice in several villages in the region of Smolyan in 2013)  

Anelia Kasabova – Hidden (everyday) problems. Mechanisms for evaluation and exclusion of “defective” children

Nikolay Papuchiev – Kinship, institutions and the challenges of the „engaged“ research

Stanoy Stanoev Mothers-in-law and anecdotes 


Anelia Kasabova – On the axioms and “provocation” in ethnology science  


Patrick Heady – Intermediate perspectives: theorising the interface between kinship terminology and practice  


Valentina Sharlanova – The Turkish immigrant community in Germany. A literature review 


 Angel Angelov – Exhibition graphics of Oleg Denisenko 


Gamirzan Davletshin – In search of historical memory. Georgi Vladimirov. Volga Bulgaria and the Kazan Khanate: stories and legends of the peoples of the Middle Volga. Plovdiv, 2011

Mila Maeva – Sofia Zahova. Montenegro after Yugoslavia: Dynamics of identities. Sofia, 2013

Anatol Anchev Kalina Micheva-Peycheva. The clash of purity and impurity in Bulgarian culture and language. Sofia, 2013


Ivanka Petrova – The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – BAS in 2013 

Angel Angelov – “Look Who‘s Talking” or the museum in the future 

Todor Stanchev – International Festival of Ethnographic Film – Sofia, 2013  

Issue 3 / 2013 - Kinship and Family / Issue editor: Nikolay Vukov

Issue 2 / 2013 - Migration / Issue editor: Petko Hristov

Issue 1 / 2013


Issues 3-4 / 2012 / Issues editor: Ana Luleva

Issues 1-2 / 2012 / Issues editor: Evgenia Troeva

 Table of contents

Bihra Baeva -  Between the parish life, pilgrimage and tourism: the Russian church “St. Nikolay Mirlikijski the Miracle Maker“ in Sofia

 Evgenia TroevaSigns of religious affiliation and their use