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Due to renegotiate with CEEOL the last three issues (2, 3 and 4 for 2015) of our journal are temporarily unavailable online.

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Issue No. 1/2015 is already available online in CEEOL

Thematic Issue: HOLY PLACES AND IDENTITY TABLE OF CONTENTS / Issue Editor: Albena Georgiev


Albena Georgieva – From the Issue Editor

Evgenia Troeva – The Capital of the Past: The Monastery of St. Athanasius (the Village of Zlatna Livada, Chirpan Region) between Myth and History

Ivaylo Markov – Transformation of a Religious Site: The Rock-Cut Church of St. Petka in the Town of Tran between Religious Worship and Tourist Attraction

Violeta Periklieva – Mechanisms for Transformation of the Local Religious Landscape in the Region of Petrich

Bozhidar Aleksiev – Sarakaz near the Village of Botevo, Yambol Region: Inheriting a Cult

Mina Hristova – Sacred Places and Cultural Memory on the Tripoint of Bulgaria, Serbia and



Albena Georgieva – Life on the Border: Between Saints and Poverty (Reflections on a Field Observation)

Valentina Sharlanova – Two Poorly Known Holy Places near Sofia (The Suhodol Chapel (Monastery) of the Holy Trinity and the Dolen Pasarel Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul)


Mila Santova – The Birth of an Exhibition. “The Birth of the Third Bulgarian State. Sofia and the Region on the Border between the 19th and the 20th Century. Metropolitans“


Vladimir Penchev – Congratulations Professor! The Hero of the Anniversary, Jan Rychlík – Doctor Honoris Causa at the Sofia University


Anelia Kasabova – Ethnographical Problems of Traditional Culture. Vol. 10. Anchev, A. [Ed.]. Sofia: Prof. M. Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2013, pp. 487

Ekaterina Anastasova – Aleksandar Anatolievich Prigarin. Russian Old Believers on the Danube River (Formation of Ethno-Confessional Community at the End of the 18th and the First Half of the 19th Century). 2010, Odessa – Izmail – Moscow: SMIL – Arheodiksiya, pp. 528.


Lina Gergova – Scientific Conference “Bulgarians Abroad, Foreigners in Bulgaria. Institutions, Organizations, Community Life“, September 29-30, 2014, IEFSEM-BAS, Sofia

Yana Yancheva – 7th Congress and International Scientific Conference of InASEA “Cultures of Crisis“


Our journal will dedicate its issue 1/2016 to the cultures of protest in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Articles are solicited focusing primarily on Bulgarian and Balkan protests in the 1990s (e.g. those against Videnov’s government in 1997) and in the past couple of years (e.g. #DANSwithme, Gezi park, the Greek protests), aiming at ‘thick descriptions’ (Geertz) and making sense of them from an ethnological and social-anthropological perspective. Authors can concentrate on individual case studies (even of flash mobs) or comparative studies within or outside the region (Ukraine, the Arab spring, global movements). The focus of attention is expected to be on ‘cultures’ (i.e. traditions and the use of traditional elements in the protests, practices, networks, dynamics, interactions, tensions, forms of participation - esp. of youth, media coverage, virtual dissent), rather than on ideologies and causes. This is why research is welcome on any protests: ecological, concerning heritage and urban environments, social and economic inequalities, corruption, the ‘system’ as a whole, including globalisation, GMO, etc.

Please send your proposals no later than 1 September 2015, and your full texts no later than 30 November 2015 to both mila.maeva@iefem.bas.bg and koleva@phls.uni-sofia.bg