Issue 1 / 2014. Ethnology of football. Issue editor: Iva Kyurkchieva

Table of Contents:

Iva Kyurkchieva – Foreword.

Goran Šantek – Fans' status in the 2013 Croatia – Serbia football matches.

Iva Kyurkchieva – Unprofessional football – identity and memory.

Zhana Popova – Football fans as media audience.

Vihra Barova – Genesis of the subcultural identity of the football fans.

Plamen Pindrakov – Josep Suńol and FC Barcelona as an instrument of the Catalonian identity represented in the Bulgarian press.

Kremena Yordanova – “Don’t underestimate girls... Some of them are even more genuine ultras than you.


Ivaylo Markov – Ethnographic problems of Traditional Culture. Vol. 9, Sofia, 2012.

Elena Vodinchar – Elizaveta Kvilinkova. Charm, magic and amulets in Gagauz folk medicine. Kishinev, 2012

Evgeniya Troeva – Vihra Baeva. Stories of Miracles. Local tradition and personal experience. Sofia, 2013.


Magdalena Slavkova – International Conference “Polyphony vs. Cacophony: Ethnic and Confessional Diversity of the Population in Odessa Region in the Context of Regional Democracy”, 12-14 of September 2013, Odessa, Ukraine. Scientific Journal „Постфактум: iсторико-антропологiчнi студii/Postfactum: Historical and Anthropo­logical Studies“, (№1-4, 2013)

Ivanka Petrova, Petar Petrov – Scientific Conference “Study of Cultural Heritage – state, results, perspectives”.

Mariyanka Borisova – Scientific Conference “The Leaders of the Masquerade”, 24 of January 2014, Pernik.

Authors in the issue