Issue 2 / 2014. The Balkans – (Self-)Representation in Images. Issue editor: Anelia Kassabova

Table of contents:

Anelia Kassabova – Foreword.

Dagnosław Demski  In Search of Reality? The 19th Century Foreign (Polish) View of the Balkans.

Karin Almasi – Ida Pfeiffer’s Journey on the Danube from Vienna to Constantinople.

Vania Zhekova – “What is Fatmagül’s Guilt?” Ethnology at the End of the Workday.

Gergana Doncheva – To What Extent the Images of Self-Representation within the Cinema of the Balkans. are Balkan? 


Sonia Sredkova – Labour Migrations of the Bessarabian Bulgarians in the PostSocialist Period.


Elka Mincheva – Bulgarian Village Market in the 1940s as Reflected by the Archive of the IEFSEM.


Victoria Dmitryuk – Transformation of the Wedding Rites of the Bulgarians from Katarzhino (Chervonoznamenka) after the Example of the Family Photographs.


Andrey Tonev, Anita Komitska – “My Way to and through Ethnography” Exhibition. 


Elka Bakalova – Albena Georgieva. Folklore Dimensions of Christianity. Oral Stories and Local Religiousness in the Regions of the Bachkovo Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Hadjidimovo Monastery of St. George the Victorious. Sofia, 2012.

Elia Tsaneva – First Psychoanalytical Reading of the Bulgarian Traditional Wedding. A. Anchev. Bulgarian Traditional Wedding in the Villages of Sakar. (Description and Jungian Analysis). Sofia, 2009.

Maria Galanova – Ergül Tahir. Faces of Happiness. Personal, Professional and Intercultural Differences in Mental Wellbeing. Sofia, 2011. 


Mila Maeva, Plamena Stoyanova – “Ethnography of Bulgaria”. Academic Readings in Living Memory of Hristo Vakarelski and on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Publishing of “Ethnography of Bulgaria.