Issue 4 / 2021. DISASTERS. Issue Editiors: Stamen Kanev, Mila Maeva

Table of content:

Stamen Kanev – Preface. Potential Approaches in the Study of Disasters and Crises. 

Albena Nakova, Elya Tzaneva – Experiencing an Earthquake – Sociocultural Effects on the Quality of Life of the Affected Local Communities (Observations on the Consequences of 2012 Pernik Earthquake).

Stamen Kanev – Quality of Life after a Natural Disaster. An Ethnological Viewpoint (The Case of Asparuhovo).

Kristiyan Kovachev – Between Transgression and Punishment: The Image of the Plague in Christian Art and Folklore.

Milena Angelova – Social Construction and Ideologization of Disease – Tuberculosis in Bulgaria 1944 – 1951.

Daniel Vachkov – The Public Perception of the Industrial Accidents in Bulgaria during the Communist Regime. 

Yulia Tsyryapkina, Yelis Erolova – 35 Years Later. The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in the Memories of Russians and Bulgarians.

Ivaylo Markov, Desislava Pileva – Mobility and Modes of Communication in the Conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Julia Popcheva – The Role of the Micro-Community in Overcoming Crises.


Elya Tsaneva – IEFSEM – BAS Presents a New Project in the Study of the COVID Pandemic. 

Ilina Nacheva – The Project “Social-Psychological Effects of the Crisis Caused by COVID-19: Perceived Stress and Dynamics of Experiences”.

Stamen Kanev – The Project “Sofia-Skopje: Everyday Life and Festivities during a Pandemic”.


Daniela Koleva – Dagmar Gramshammer-Hohl and Oana Hergenröther. (Eds.) Foreign Countries of Old Age: East and Southeast European Perspectives on Aging. Aging Studies, vol. 19. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2021. 

Mila Maeva – Ethnographical Problems of Traditional Culture. Vol. 12, Sofia, 2019.


Petya Bankova – “Ethnography of Disasters” – the Contemporary Academic Approach.